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Innovative art with a deep connection to nature and cultures of the world

Starting from an early age, Sanna has gained a broad education and unique experience in different arts. In addition to her homeland Finland, she has lived in different cultures around the world (Bali, Cuba, Africa, and Europe) studying the common roots of humanity and the empowering aspects of art. She is a professional dancer, painter, choreographer, and sculpturer, known for combining her skills and infusing performances with rituals and multicultural elements. Since 1979, and as Master of Arts (1999), she has made numerous solo and group exhibitions, dance performances, and public art in Finland and worldwide.

Welcome to explore her unique and multifaceted arts!

Unique and impactful art for people of all ages and backgrounds

Painting and a sculpture

Visual arts

Explore public art or get interior inspiration from beautiful paintings.

You can also order, for example, a custom made sculpture or a drawing of someone important to you.

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Order a memorable performances that fit your event.

From dance and music spectacles on big stages and streets, to even interactive performances for babies.

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Dance, body maintenance, and art workshops for individuals or groups.

Experienced also in teaching in settings from kindergartens to art schools and universities.

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