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Hairs 3

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Hiukset -sarja / Hairs series

Hairs and hairstyles have a strong influence on how you feel about yourself. DNA, your heritage, and all you can see in your hair structure as well. When you grow up, your social environment makes you unsure about yourself and your new personality. Even my hair is not so common in Finland. My heritage includes Hungarian-Austria. Finnish, Scandinavian, and my children are even more mixed; they have Balinese, Afrocuban, African, Spanish, Indians, Chines plus my heritage. When they were small, they did not care. In puberty, they like the romantic longer hair, but in early adulthood, they wanted to look more like others, the short man looking hairstyle, in the army they shaved all. The hair can tell a lot about your inner feelings.


Pencil on wood drawing

  1. 120cm x 45cm, 500e
  2. 120cm x 120cm, 1700e
  3. 120cm x 120cm, 1700e

Photos by Satria Sutisna

Mitat 2 × 120 × 120 cm (senttimetri)